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“After My Massage With Howard, My Body Felt 10 Years Younger and Two Inches Taller. . . ”


Why do many of the city’s top dancers and performers, including members of the New York City Ballet and the New York City Opera, trust Howard Mermelstein for their massages?


Hi, I’m Howard Mermelstein. I specialize in massage for actors, singers, modern and ballet dancers, concert violinists and pianists, athletes, and performers here in New York City.

Why do these performers, artists, and athletes, who rely on their physical bodies for a living, entrust their bodies to my massage?

Because they have the same issues with their bodies that you have….

• Have you tried everything else possible to get rid of muscle aches, shoulder tension, lower back pain, or headaches, and find that nothing gets rid of the problem for very long?

• Have you tried lots of different therapists, and plenty of different modalities, but you just can’t seem to find the “right one”?

• Have you noticed a marked decrease in the flexibility, grace and range of your movement, and an increase in tension and tightness, as you get older? Are you looking for a solution to this problem?

• Are you feeling so stressed out and tense, you long for the days when your body felt naturally flexible, balanced, supple and young again?

You’re at the right place, then, because what I do in my practice goes far beyond eliminating pain—though of course I do that too. What I focus on in my massage is helping you and your body feel young again.


I am a professional dancer who consistently needs to take care of my body to stay working. I've been getting Howard's treatments for over seven years now. I have tried so many different kinds of treatments and Howard's work is the only thing that instantly helps and keeps my body at its best. His style of treatment has helped to prevent my body from injury, increase my flexibility and decrease any physical and emotional stress. I am so grateful for his work. Howard is truly a healer.

Olivia Cipolla

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Feel Like You’ve Got a Whole New Body In Just an Hour

I know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a massage therapist. Why should you work with me, over the many other talented therapists you could choose from?

In my massage practice, I figure out where the pain came from, and then go to the origins of it and work on that area, eliminating the potential for it to reoccur. It’s a long-term solution for your pain, never a quick band-aid fix.

For example: if you chronically tilt your head just five degrees forward, out of chronic postural habits, your head weight triples, in terms of the force required by your body to keep it up.

This puts enormous strain on your neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles, day in and day out, leading to tension and pain in all these areas.

To fix the pain and tension in the case of the neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles, for example, we’ll fix chronic postural issues throughout the body. The massage work I do breaks up some of these chronic, insidious postural problems which are working against you, yet which you may not even be aware of.

These chronic problems, left to atrophy, lead to pain, tension, and fatigue. In turn, fixing them leads to relaxation, energy, and that youthful feeling in your body.

All of your body’s interconnected systems are like a highway system—if there’s a blockage in one area, it can cause backups throughout the entire system.


Pain is like a traffic jam in your system—a block of circulation, energy and blood.


I work with your whole body to restore the smooth flow of energy and circulation throughout your body, releasing pain quickly. If you have tissue and liquids and energy moving unimpeded, then pain goes away.

See how everything is connected? My massage looks at your whole body as a system and fixes problems at the root.

Do you want that chronic fatigue, pain or stress to go away sustainably—not just a quick fix, but long-term relief?


After suffering with chronic upper and lower back pain for years, I'm pain free on most days thanks to Howie's knowledge of muscle pathology and hard work. As a physician in private practice Internal Medicine I was skeptical of what massage would be able to do for me, but now I am a believer. In every field there are practitioners with average competence and then there are pros; Howie is a pro.

                                                     Bruce Champagne M.D.

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Who Am I, And How Did I Learn These Techniques?


I’ve taught massage at the Swedish Institute, the Healing Hands Institute, and the Academy of Massage. I’m a nationally-certified continuing education provider for other massage therapists, and have been practicing massage in the city, as licensed by New York State, for nearly twenty years.

Yet at one point, I came down with adult-onset asthma. I could barely breathe at some points, and was on inhalers. I had to go to the emergency room several times.

I tried everything to fix this, from all Western treatments to various alternative and Eastern treatments.

Finally, I found a practitioner of a bodywork modality which focuses on connective tissue reshaping, to work on me. After those sessions, I could finally breathe easily.

I was astounded at the ability of connective tissue work to relieve my symptoms, which others doctors could not help me with before. From that point on, I knew this type of bodywork was a gift I had to learn about and give to others. I began integrating insights from this work into my own massage practice, as well as other modalities, such as myofascial, deep tissue, medical, trigger point, neuromuscular, craniosacral, Thai yoga massage, and shiatsu, tailored to my expert sense of just what your body needs.

My goal in my massage is to help your body feel soft and limber again on the massage table, like a Raggedy Ann doll. When you get off the table, I want you to feel light, energized, and bathed in a sense of wellness.

My clients often see dramatic changes in the course of just one session. For example, one client, Michael Ellsberg—a 33 year old author who spends hours writing at his computer every day—recently told me “After my massage, my body felt 10 years younger and 2 inches taller!”


I am genetically prone to chronic back pain.  Before meeting Howard, I was on a 1-year national tour with a performing arts company.  What that meant was a lot of traveling – i.e a lot of sitting on planes and buses.  My lower back was constantly stiff and there was always a deep aching somewhere near the sacrum that I couldn’t quite get to.  On tour, we visited a different city every week for a year - and so, I saw a different massage therapist in each city.  While my symptoms were sometimes alleviated for a couple of days, the pain always returned with the same severity.  It was not until working with Howard that I realized that a good massage therapist not only alleviates the pain, but can actually fix the problem.  Howard made a problem I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life, go away.  While he worked on me, he would usually work from head to toe but sometimes he would just focus on one particular area if he felt the need – and it was never the spot that was actually sore; instead he worked the spot that was the reason why I was sore.   And that is what makes Howard’s work unique.

If I were prone to hyperbole, I still would not be able to do verbal justice to Howard’s talent as a massage therapist.  It is not just his knowledge of the body and its musculature (while that in itself is quite impressive) that makes him so exceptional, but also his understanding of pressure points and other key areas that allow him to target problems more effectively than any other massage or physical therapist that I have worked with.   I now consider Howard to be a good friend, but also I regard him with a sort of awe for what he was able to do for my muscle pain.   There are certainly others that one can go to for a quick fix or even a short-term fix, but there is truly only one Howard Mermelstein. 

Ann Kim

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How to Feel Young and Limber Again


I focus not just on your muscles, but on your connective tissue, which often gets harder and less pliable as we age. In young people, connective tissue is soft and flexible. It’s the key to feeling young again.

By restoring movement and flexibility to your tight, restrained connective tissue—without hard work, or grueling classes—we can “repel aging” and make you feel, look, and act much more youthful, often in the space of just one session.

Sadly, many people become like zombies in their own body, having long ago adapted to chronic pain, tension, and postural issues, not even aware that things could be different.

Does this describe you? If so, I’m here to spread hope that you can relieve your pain, and feel and look young in your body again. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the relaxation of my expert massage.

My goal is to reverse the effects of aging on your connective tissue and postural structures, and get your body to move like a slinky—just like it did when you were a child and a teen. An unyielding, tight body is an old body. That quality of light, limber flexibility is youth.


See all the amazing results and success stories my clients get all the time? Imagine yourself as the next success story, with your chronic pain gone, and a new, supple, limber body!


I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 4.  Every year the spinal curvature and pain got significantly worse.   Every massage therapist I saw would give me temporary relief, if any.  Every doctor I saw convinced me that surgery was my only option.  After my first few sessions with Howard, they were proven wrong.   I knew my life was about to take a change for the better which was completely unfathomable.  Howard’s alacrity and ability to motivate anyone has resulted in me having hope and dropping my fear of being stuck living the rest of my life in pain. Individuals like Howard are few and far between.  It is my sincere hope that everyone in need of physical assistance will take the opportunity to work with him because it will be a life changing experience.  If every therapist was to commit themselves with the same level of enthusiasm that Howard expresses in his work, we would undoubtedly be living in a much happier and pain-free world.

Lauren M. New Jersey


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Howard's giving nature accommodates his skills of precision, relaxed presence, and direct approach. Howard knows how to release whole muscle groups. I know I am in the best hands the moment I book an appointment with him. I celebrate double fortune with Howard's mastery : receiving his massage and adopting some key moves into the massages I give. All my clients benefit as well. 

Kathy Lynn Wood LMT


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